Limited Neil Blender Cuckoo Collective t's!

Neil was skateboarding. He was also an artist, a creator, a laugher at people, a namer of tricks, he made skateboarding fun in the lean years before the boom of the late 80s. He opened the door for the skater/artist, who, to this day, keep skateboarding as much a lifestyle as a sport. Neil had no part in the whole baggy clothes, hip hop music, and hot pink..sometime in the late 80's Neil stepped away from the spot light, no he didnt abandon skateboarding. He was still skating on his own schedule, but he was mostly doing artwork and mindwork for Alien Workshop.

So,we at The Cuckoo's Nest feel as if its necessary to do one of his works on a t-shit. Neil made skateboarding fun, and thats what the The Cuckoo's Nest is about. There are only a few shirts, so get them while you can..Only available at The Cuckoo's Nest skateboard Collective.

Kooks @ The Cuckoo's Nest

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