'ES game of SKATE Tampa

5 Columbus local kooks drove 7 hours down to Tampa, Fl. monday night, only to enter the 'Es game of skate the next day. 4 of the 5 guys entered the game and 3 of them placed in the top 5 out of 116 people. Columbus is steppin their game up! but Trey Butler and Alex Johnson had to battle it out to see who would be in the top 3. Alex won Trey did really well considering he was/is still recovering from a rolled ankle..(Trey Butler was in it to win it) But Alex ending up beating Trey to go against AJ Ballard and Alex Brawley. Aj Ballard came out on top with a frontside 360 as the winning trick! What will be next! thank you tampa for hosting the event!

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