Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas has been through it all with skateboarding. With him coming from Dothan, AL (like 1hr-2hr drive from here) he sure does alot with/for skateboarding. He's also known as the busiest man in skateboarding and if you watch all his videos you'll see why. Because if you had all his videos from beginning to recent it would be like getting you favorite television show and watching all of the episodes in that season. he has a alot of video parts, but he doesnt do just skateboarding and filming he has his own company and deals with all that, so, he doesnt play when it comes to skateboarding. But, it was brought to my attention that he was at our skateboard park here in Columbus, GA and NOBODY knew who he was!!!!! THATS INSANE!! not just him being a famous skateboarder but it was Jamie Thomas and he's from Dothan,AL. but anyways these are just some of his video parts and alot of them are older.
hope you enjoy some Jamie Thomas


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