Cuckoo Dreamin

everyone should be able to relate to this video. You know when you have been working all week or school or whatever it is you do and you have the weekend to be free and skate, you get really excited, you have dreams of just skating. I believe that's what everyone needs to do just do. Skate whatever makes you happy. By the end of the day you can look back and say you skated. I dont know  about any of you all, but i know for me just skating around, doing some tricks, messing around with friends, is all it take to make me feel like a successful day. Remember the first time you did a kickflip and how stoked you were once you landed it! Yeah just go out and fun and quit worrying about being sponsored! Thats what this Cuckoo Dreamin video is about. Plus, to show that we have an actual video coming out soon!

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